Drupal and multiple sites

justin justin at justinhileman.info
Tue Jun 5 17:26:29 MDT 2007

On 6/5/07, Brandon Stout <bms at mscis.org> wrote:
> Drupal can also authenticate users across servers. They call it
> "distributed authentication". I have not tried it personally, but this
> seems like a handy feature.  With it enabled, you can sign into multiple
> Drupal installs accross the web all at once - if I understand this
> feature correctly.

close. iirc, it doesn't log into multiple sites at once, it allows
sites to authenticate against the user base of other sites. so if you
have a user name and password on justinhileman.info, you can sign in
to drupal.org (or whatever sites it's set up for) as
user at justinhileman.info, with your password. then drupal.org asks my
server to authenticate you, so that you don't have to register for
drupal.org. it's more like a universal user name than a simultaneous
multisite authentication.


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