PLUG Summer Party: Saturday, June 16th @6pm-9pm

Brandon Stout bms at
Tue Jun 5 14:58:00 MDT 2007

Lars Rasmussen wrote:

> What about twilight(after 9pm) entertainment such as some rated-G
> movies for the kids?
> Looks like cups & lots of hot dog buns are still needed as well.
> ¿ And dónde está el bratwurst?
> -- 
> Lars 

Interesting... you have a Swedish name, a Spanish accent, and German 
food...  You must live in Utah!  Personally, I'm an 
English-Swiss-German-Welsh-French American with no accent and a taste 
for nearly any food.  Of course, I'm from Utah, too...

Viva los bratwursts!

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