Drupal and multiple sites

Brandon Stout bms at mscis.org
Tue Jun 5 11:32:17 MDT 2007

justin wrote:

> On 6/4/07, Jesse Stay <jesse at thestays.org> wrote:
> Drupal is the only one I've found that does it... I'm running quite a
> few sites in a multi-site install (shared codebase), and for a while
> two of them, iheartstella.com and justinhileman.info, shared content
> as well. I really didn't have a need for shared content between those
> sites so I ditched it, but it worked well while I was using it.
> justin

Drupal can also authenticate users across servers. They call it 
"distributed authentication". I have not tried it personally, but this 
seems like a handy feature.  With it enabled, you can sign into multiple 
Drupal installs accross the web all at once - if I understand this 
feature correctly.

Brandon Stout

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