VOIP Provider Again

Nate Price nate at visualizesoftware.us
Tue Jun 5 07:51:01 MDT 2007

I was tricked into going to an ACN meeting once. They run some form of a
multi-level marketing deal with selling phone service. I can't comment on if
there service is any good, but I really don't appreciate the business model.

Nathan Price

On 6/4/07, Ron Rafajko <ronrafajko at gmail.com> wrote:
> Barry:
> Have you looked at ACN?
> $23.99 unlimited local and Long Distance in/ to the US, Canada, and
> Puerto Rico.
> We just launched our own high speed digital network (we were using
> Vonage) that is optimized for video.
> You can get a free Phone Adapter or a video phone for $225.00 (or
> Installment Plan: $130.00 down payment and $10.00 per month for 11
> months).
> If you have family overseas you can send them an adapter or video phone
> with an 801 (or any) area code so they can call you for free as if it
> was a local call!
> Check it out at https://www.myacn.com/acndigital/
> ~Ron
> American Fork

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