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Doran L. Barton fozz at iodynamics.com
Mon Jun 4 18:16:00 MDT 2007

Not long ago, Jesse Stay proclaimed...
> Mine is the madwifi driver (I think the card is Atheros).  There are
> drivers from atrpms, but the install did not go as smoothly this time
> as compared to FC6 (although I still had issues with FC6).  With
> Ubuntu it "just worked" - no need to go find the driver, no need to
> get it working or turn on NetworkManager, etc.

I've never been happy with atrpms as a repository for Fedora. Both
FreshRPMs and livna offer madwifi driver options. FreshRPMs's package
depends on Dell's dkms package. This makes it possible for the madwifi 
kernel modules to be automagically rebuilt each time you boot to a new
kernel. The livna package is called kmod-madwifi and they maintain separate
packages for each kernel. 

FWIW, I use an Atheros a/b/g chipset-based WIFI card too. I planned ahead
and downloaded the driver package to my home directory before I started the
F7 install and everything went very, very smooth.


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