Drupal and multiple sites

justin justin at justinhileman.info
Mon Jun 4 15:43:04 MDT 2007

On 6/4/07, Jesse Stay <jesse at thestays.org> wrote:
> I'm embarking on a project (also needed it at Media General when I was
> there) in my spare time, in which I need to be able to have the
> possibility of shared content, shared across multiple websites.  I
> only want one codebase (preferrably scalable as userbase and content
> grows), with a shared database.  I know Drupal used to not support
> this.  Since I keep hearing topics on Drupal and CMS's on this list, I
> was wondering if any of the Drupal users on the list are aware of such
> functionality.
> If not, is there an Open Source CMS out there which provides this
> capability that you would recommend?  This is a *huge* need in the
> journalism/publishing world.  The big guys are all asking for it, and
> I can tell you from first hand experience they would seriously
> consider switching to Open Source were something available.  Maybe
> things have changed since I last looked at this - is anyone aware of
> such an offering?
> Thanks,

Drupal is the only one I've found that does it... I'm running quite a
few sites in a multi-site install (shared codebase), and for a while
two of them, iheartstella.com and justinhileman.info, shared content
as well. I really didn't have a need for shared content between those
sites so I ditched it, but it worked well while I was using it.


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