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John Anderson sontek at gmail.com
Mon Jun 4 14:48:26 MDT 2007

> Jesse,
> First of all, the wireless issue *should* work.  There was extensive work
> done for the (intel and others) wireless cards.  I am a bit surprised at
> your experience.  My errors were mostly with things like KVM and beryl.  I
> didn't have that much trouble getting it installed.  However, if wireless
> is
> your only issue, it sounds like you have higher expectations of
> proprietary
> driver manufacturers than I do.

The biggest issue with the fedora wireless is the decided to use the
driver which isn't currently at a point in which it should be used for a
stable release.
Even for people who have got it to recognize their card and see access
points they
aren't able to connect to a secured network.

I solved this by using the ipw3945 from atrpms.  Not sure if you have the
same chipset
but that might help

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