Utah Open Source, Fedora 7 and the Open Source Technology Center want to thank you for your participation

Christer Edwards christer.edwards at ubuntu.com
Mon Jun 4 13:04:26 MDT 2007

Jesse Stay wrote:
> Thanks Christer - it's been a very good experience thus far (just need
> to get Beryl working and I'll be perfectly happy).  I'll definitely
> use those resources if I need anything.
> Jesse
> BTW - is it just me, or has PLUG moved back to a reply-to-sender
> format vs. reply-to-list?

I sent the previous to just you but I think it should still do

As far as setting up Beryl here is my suggestion.

"System > Admin > Restricted Driver Management" to activate your nvidia
/ ati card (assuming you have one of those?).
afterwhich run 'sudo aptitude install beryl-manager emerald-themes'.

..all I have to do on my macbook with intel graphics hardware is "sudo
aptitude install 915resolution beryl-manager emerald-themes" ; reboot ;

You could also simply try the "System > Preferences > Desktop Effects"
to activate the 3d drivers, add beryl (as the first activation just does
compiz as I recall) and you're done..


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