PLUG Summer Party: Saturday, June 16th @6pm-9pm

Ryan Simpkins plug at
Sun Jun 3 19:52:17 MDT 2007

On Fri, June 1, 2007 15:44, Jordy wrote:
> Wow.  Lots of cussing in that last post.  :)


That reminds me. To those PLUGers that have an S.O.: TELL YOUR S.O. NOW that
on June 16th at 6pm you need to be at the Central park with (her|him|the
kids|the ex-girlfriend) and you are bringing (chips|salad|plates|an open
source spatula) and (s)he will be happy about it because you will be getting
(monitors|keyboards|CPUs|junk) out of the
(garage|attic|basement|closet|car|bed). Plus (s)he will be able to speak with
the other S.O.s about what it's like being (married|betrothed|enslaved) to a
(Linux|Perl|BSD) (geek|nerd|zealot). I promise, if you don't tell your S.O.
with plenty of warning you will be in the (DOG|@*#&) (HOUSE|PEN|YARD|CREEK)!

Only one "colorful" word in the whole thing. What was the version you were
thinking of? :-)

We need more people to bring stuff. Ketchup/Mustard. And drinks. Just some
cheap wal-mart water or something? Anyone? Can you spare $10 at Costco?

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