VOIP Provider Again

Jesse Stay jesse at thestays.org
Sat Jun 2 13:42:24 MDT 2007

On 4/12/07, Kenneth Burgener <kenneth at mail1.ttak.org> wrote:
> Jesse Stay wrote:
> > I'm just curious - why are so many departing from Vonage lately, other
> > than the recent court actions against them?  I've been with them for
> > about 1.5 years now and have never had a problem with them.  Are there
> > bad experiences others are experiencing that I'm not?  All my problems
> > thus far with them have been due to my ISP (Comcast), not Vonage.
> > They've been way better than any telco I've ever been with, and way
> > cheaper than the big names out there that I've seen.
> I will second that.  I use broad voice and I don't believe I have have
> problems with their service.  I do have terrible connection services
> with Comcast though.  They have really fast speeds (and I really love
> having the incredible download speeds), but their reliability is very
> poor.  I don't mean terrible as in being down for minutes or hours once
> in a while.  I mean I get a 2 or 3 second complete connection loss every
> 10 or 20 minutes.  Most people would never notice it (downloads, web
> browsing, etc).  But playing games online, or using the voip phone,
> those two seconds mean the difference between your spell being cast, and
> sudden death!

Well, I did find one reason not to use Vonage, but I'm not sure if
it's Vonage's fault.  I just found out Comcast, when everything is
bundled together, has cheaper phone service.  However, Vonage won't
let me keep my phone number when switching to Vonage.  That might be a
Comcast issue though.



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