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Dave Reed dreed at
Mon Jul 30 14:42:25 MDT 2007

Hate to dilute the DNS discussion :) but I've got a need and I'm  
hopeful that someone will either be interested themselves or know of  

I run a small ASP ( and it's time to turn over the  
sysadmining to someone more qualified than I am. The production  
environment is a couple of machines in a colo (Fibernet in Orem) and  
for the most part they run themselves. Very stable environment; the  
primary machine had been up for almost 2 years before Fibernet had  
their power outage a couple of weeks ago (that's not a knock --  
Fibernet's been really good).

I'm looking for someone who is willing to be on call for problems,  
and then spend 3-5 hours per month verifying the backups and  
generally keeping things patched and tight.

The environment:

- m0n0wall firewall
- Centos4 on OpenVZ virtuals
- Oracle 10g
- Apache 2
- PHP 5
- Dell PowerEdge machines

Someone who knows _most_ of these could pick up any missing pieces  
pretty easily.

We've got a budget to pay each month for someone to be on call and do  
light maintenance, and extra dollars for the occasional project that  
exceeds the 'light maintenance' category.

If you or someone you know would like a few hundred bucks a month  
that the spouse doesn't need to know about -- please contact me at  
dreed at

-Dave Reed
  VP Technology

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