Favorite DNS?

Michael L Torrie torriem at chem.byu.edu
Sun Jul 29 12:38:38 MDT 2007

Andy Bradford wrote:
> Thus said Michael L Torrie on Sat, 28 Jul 2007 11:04:34 MDT:
>>> Would you  expect sendmail replacements (qmail,  postfix, etc...) to
>>> be able to understand sendmail.cf? :-)
>> That's a fallacious comparison when it comes right down to it.
> How so?  You are claiming  that for djbdns to  be a BIND  replacement it
> must read BIND zone files. How  is that different from claiming that for
> something  to be  a sendmail  replacement (the  most common  MTA on  the
> Internet) that it must understand sendmail.cf?
> Is  not the  BIND zone  file simply  one implementation  of storing  DNS
> records? Is not the sendmail.cf simply one implementation of configuring
> an MTA?  Maybe it  would be  more correct  if I  argued that  a sendmail
> replacement  should be  able to  read sendmail's  mail queue?  How about
> sendmail's other  configuration files which actually  define things like
> virtual domains, relay domains, etc...?

It is, but it happens to be a fairly de facto standard for exchanging
human-readable zone information.  Comparing this to sendmail.cf is
comparing apples to oranges, since sendmail.cf is equivalent to
named.conf *not* the zone files.

So no.  I wouldn't expect a bind replacement to transparently handle
named.conf.  But being able to natively read the zones themselves would
be something I'd expect.  At least if files were the primary storage
(not a  database).  I understand that under the hood tinydns uses BDB to
put zone information, so I'm not quite sure the exact relationship with
the zone files and the database.

> Andy

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