Favorite DNS?

Derek Carter goozbach at friocorte.com
Fri Jul 27 15:42:24 MDT 2007

On Fri, 2007-07-27 at 13:55 -0600, Michael L Torrie wrote:
> Jonathan Duncan wrote:
> > To quote DJB:
> > 
> > Don't use [CNAME] if there are any other records for [the fully  
> > qualified domain name]. Don't use [CNAME] for common aliases; use  
> > [the fully qualified domain name] instead. Remember the wise words of  
> > Inigo Montoya: ``You keep using CNAME records. I do not think they  
> > mean what you think they mean.''  (http://cr.yp.to/djbdns/tinydns- 
> > data.html)
> Good advice I think.  By definition there can be only one canonical name
> for an IP address.

Want to see what not to do with CNAMEs?
try this:
user at host $ dig 99.bottles-of-beer.friocorte.com

I've also intentionally shown what not to do with regard to zone
user at host $ host -l friocorte.com ns1.friocorte.com
you shouldn't allow zone transfers like that.
Feel free to use these two examples as "what not to do".
I've left them intentionally mis-configured for my Guru friends to use
as a demo.
        Derek aka qoozbach

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