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Thayne Harbaugh thayne at plug.org
Wed Jul 25 16:47:52 MDT 2007

I passed on some good employment opportunities.  If any of you are
interested then please contact Darrell Hunt:

Office 801-676-3149
Hunt at HirePointe.com
HirePointe Management Group


1) Open Source Developer

2) QA Engineer

Descriptions attached.  Both positions are with the LDS Church.

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Want a job where you can contribute to a variety of open source projects
and communities? We need a seasoned software engineer to work on
large-scale distributed enterprise monitoring software. This monitoring
system interacts with all our enterprise systems, not just monitoring
internal statistics and state, but also measuring availability from an
end-user perspective. The candidate will leverage existing open source
technologies (and invent new ones) to interact with both proprietary and
open systems such as videoconferencing, VoIP, enterprise web
applications, messaging, database, antivirus, etc as well as a variety
of specialized vertical applications. We want as much of our code as
possible to be included in the upstream projects, so understanding the
open source methodology, mentality, and programming standards is




*       Must be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day
Saints, currently temple worthy 
*       Bachelor's degree in related field 
*       Expert knowledge in the C/C++ programming language in the UNIX
*       Demonstrated expertise in multi-threaded programming with POSIX
threads (pthreads)
*       Expertise in scripting languages, specifically Perl, PHP and
*       10+ years programming experience under UNIX.
*       Hands-on knowledge of UNIX software development tools such as
gcc, gdb, dbx, svn, profile.
*       Demonstrated expertise in distributed programming.
*       Ability to develop Web based applications according to the CGI,
dynamic serve-side HTML generation and database access.
*       5+ years database programming. Requires solid knowledge of
database design, normalization and query optimization. Expertise with
MySQL and Oracle.
*       Demonstrated experience in the full software development life
cycle, including design, maintenance and debugging methodologies.
*       5+ years network programming experience, specifically developing
client/server apps using TCP and UDP protocols.
*       Experience with a variety of current network application
protocols such as HTTP, SNMP, LDAP, SSL, SMTP, etc.
*       Ability to diagnose low-level problems at the OS and network
levels using appropriate tools.
*       Solid understanding of network infrastructure components such as
VPN, firewalls, NAT, etc.
*       Experience with the Open Source development model
*       Ability to develop accurate work estimates and to deliver on



*       Nagios experience 
*       RRD experience 
*       Hands-on experience in developing Java applications. 
*       Demonstrated experience in developing and extending monitoring
*       Experience in Object Oriented design and the proper
identification and implementation of OO patterns.

Office 801-676-3149
Hunt at HirePointe.com
HirePointe Management Group
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QA Engineer


The successful candidate will function as an internal consultant to QA
project leads and will work with a QA project lead to help solve
customer issues.  He/she will give presentations of work at QA meetings
in a clear and concise manner and will work with development to help
troubleshoot coding problems.  


The successful candidate will work on test script automation procedures
using a variety of software programming languages including Perl, C++,
Java, SQL and Visual Basic as the specific job requires.  He/she will
perform simple tool development and test automation tasks for individual
projects or components and participate in design reviews on code written
by development engineers.  He/she will develop and maintain documents,
train staff on test automation and environment simulation tools, and
collect basic QA metrics.  He/she should be able to debug and step
through a major component of the product being tested. Examples include
the ability to identify and locate resource leaks and/or out-of-bounds
conditions.  He/she should possess the ability to use at minimum, two
3rd party software tools proficiently. Examples include Bounds Checker,
PC Lint, True Coverage, Soft Ice, Clover, etc.  The ability to isolate
defects effectively and provide specific conditions for reproducibility
in the debugger is also required.  He/she should demonstrate a beginning
understanding of OO design and implementation.  Examples include
abstraction, reuse and inheritance.  He/she should also demonstrate an
understanding of resource locks, defensive coding and synchronization.
The ability to identify and solve basic security problems like buffer
overflows, default logic fail safes (fail to deny/restrict) is also


The successful candidate will lead the testing effort for a component of
the product.  He/she will assist in the creation of assignments and
train Associate Engineers in all the tasks and capabilities of an
Associate Engineer.  He/she will work with other leaders on the QA team
to come up with the best testing strategies.


The successful candidate will assist with the development, testing, and
implementation of software quality plans and the evaluation of quality
plans at the component level and should be able to plan and estimate
his/her own work.  An employee at this level should track the accuracy
of his/her estimates and learn to make adjustments based on prior

He/she will work with individual developers to technically understand
the testing necessities of a component and will demonstrate skill in the
collection of a project metrics related to his/her own work and that of
the work group.


The successful candidate will work within established practices to
maintain, modify, and enhance existing software quality methods and
processes, and participate in the development and testing of new
software quality assurance methods.  He/she will complete process
documentation for testing standards, and maintain documentation of test


The successful candidate will normally receive general instructions on
routine work, detailed instructions on new assignments under general
supervision.  He/she should follow established directions.  Work will be
reviewed for accuracy and overall adequacy.



*       Bachelor's Degree or equivalent experience
*       6+ years of relevant experience
*       Demonstrated working knowledge of a minimum of 2 automation
languages or a single automation language and in addition the ability to
utilize a structured programming language to interface with existing
source code, commonly referred to as a "test harness"
*       Track record of specific application of this knowledge resulting
in project success
*       Track record of isolating issues at the component level
*       Certifications: CISSP, MCSE, CNE and other like certifications
relative to IT
*       Must be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day
Saints currently worthy to hold a temple recommend

Office 801-676-3149
Hunt at HirePointe.com
HirePointe Management Group

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