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Andy Bradford amb-plug at bradfords.org
Tue Jul 24 21:58:44 MDT 2007

Thus said Michael Torrie on Mon, 23 Jul 2007 21:10:44 MDT:

> There are a  lot of other, probably better alternatives  for most uses
> though.  Mostly  for  philosophical  reasons, I  steer  clear  of  any
> software written  by Dan Bernstein. I  don't happen to like  his style
> and none of his code is  open source, certainly not free software. His
> claim of bug-free code sounds an awful lot like a tiger-repelling rock
> to me.

I don't think  he has ever claimed  it is bug free, secure  yes, but not
bug free. Why don't you call Dan out on his security hole free code? I'm
sure the entire community would love  to see someone find something that
is  actually exploitable.  Imagine...  qmail-1.03 was  released over  10
years ago  and none has  yet to find  an exploitable security  hole. His
code is extremely clean.

As far as open  source goes, I guess it all depends on  what you mean by
``open  source.'' He  has donated  a large  portion of  his code  to the
``public domain'' so it is free to use by anyone.

Here is  at least one website  that I know  of that has bundled  all his
public domain code into a linkable library:


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