Favorite DNS?

Nicholas Leippe nick at leippe.com
Tue Jul 24 11:09:34 MDT 2007

On Tuesday 24 July 2007, Steve Meyers wrote:
> Nicholas Leippe wrote:
> > I highly recommend djbdns. Very straight forward, standards compliant,
> > and is far more flexible and capable than the bind-only crowd will let
> > on.
> The only downside is that it was written by DJB. :)  I'm curious,
> though.  You say it is "far more flexible and capable than the bind-only
> crowd will let on."  Only one message in this thread suggested BIND, and
> that mentioned specific features such as split horizon and dynamic DNS.
>   Does djbdns support those features?

Yes, it directly supports split horizon, and can do so within a single server 
by simply defining locations and specifying the optional location directive 
on the records. You can also run multiple servers on the same box.

It can also be used for dynamic DNS. There are third party scripts that do 
this or your can easily roll your own.

I personally agree with DJBs opinions about BIND. I also like his approach to 
designing his DNS solution. While his code is likely not perfect, (since code 
very rarely is), the design IMO lends well to minimizing the effects of 
possible security issues or bugs.

Please don't infer that I agree or like all of DJB's opinions. I don't know 
him or his opinions well enough to say.

I have found djbdns very straight-forward and aligned with my way of thinking. 


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