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Dr. Scott S. Jones scott at fyrenice.com
Mon Jul 23 23:50:55 MDT 2007

Michael Torrie [23/07/07 21:10 -0600]:

> Kimball Larsen wrote:
> >So, I've got to handle setting up DNS on a linux box for the first time 
> >- done it before on a mac, but used a spiffy interface that hid the icky 
> >underpinnings of BIND from me and made it a cinch to set everything up.
> >
> >What server does everyone like here?  I've heard that there are others 
> >besides BIND to consier, but not sure which ones are worth looking into.
> I just use BIND.  It's standard and lately relatively secure.  However 
> it's not trivial to configure.  But if you want to do any advanced 
> things like dynamic updates, split-horizon resolution, etc, BIND is 
> probably the best bet.  If you plan on doing IT for a living, BIND is a 
> necessary skill to have on the resume, in my opinion.
> There are a lot of other, probably better alternatives for most uses 
> though.  Mostly for philosophical reasons, I steer clear of any software 
> written by Dan Bernstein.  I don't happen to like his style and none of 
> his code is open source, certainly not free software.  His claim of 
> bug-free code sounds an awful lot like a tiger-repelling rock to me.
> So my advice is to bite the bullet and learn bind.  It's actually not 
> difficult at all.  I got two zones plus replication (zone transfers to a 
> slave server) up and running in about 15 minutes.  Check out examples 
> online.  Like a perl script, there's probably no such thing as an 
> original BIND configuration.

I think I need to use BIND. I have two servers on my office LAN. One is my
primary linux box...production box. The other box runs linux too, but has
Zimbra installed. 

I am told I need to set up a Split DNS, having one box be my Primary Mail
Server and the other acting as a Secondary. This, setting up BIND and
getting DNS established locally, is all that stands in my way of running


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