Play Audio on Headless Server?

Doran L. Barton fozz at
Wed Jul 18 10:37:07 MDT 2007

Not long ago, Kimball Larsen proclaimed...
> Ok, so everyone will probably get sick of all my questions this week,  
> but I've been tossed into a bit of unfamiliar territory (I'm a  
> programmer, not a sysadmin) this week with setting up a new server  
> here at work.  One of the functions they need this server to do is to  
> play our hold music for the phone system.  The old server that this  
> is replacing simply played music out of itunes (yes, the old server  
> is a mac mini) and an audio cable connects the mac to the phone system.
> So, the new server is headless, and I don't have X installed at all.   
> What sort of solutions are there out there that I can use to just  
> start music playing out of a pre-defined playlist when the system  
> boots and just have it play continuously forever?

while true
    mplayer *.mp3

A more elegant solution would be to use mpd <>.


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