Play Audio on Headless Server?

Kimball Larsen kimball at
Wed Jul 18 09:14:04 MDT 2007

Ok, so everyone will probably get sick of all my questions this week,  
but I've been tossed into a bit of unfamiliar territory (I'm a  
programmer, not a sysadmin) this week with setting up a new server  
here at work.  One of the functions they need this server to do is to  
play our hold music for the phone system.  The old server that this  
is replacing simply played music out of itunes (yes, the old server  
is a mac mini) and an audio cable connects the mac to the phone system.

So, the new server is headless, and I don't have X installed at all.   
What sort of solutions are there out there that I can use to just  
start music playing out of a pre-defined playlist when the system  
boots and just have it play continuously forever?


-- Kimball 

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