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Doran L. Barton fozz at
Tue Jul 17 18:34:50 MDT 2007

Not long ago, Clint Savage proclaimed...
> >I use a 3-pronged approach:
> >1. greylisting (I use sqlgrey wiht postfix)
> >2. dspam
> 3. spamassassin.
> Isn't dspam and spamassassin doing the same thing?  Do you see better
> results when running them together?

I've found dspam difficult to configure and use compared to SpamAssassin.
That is, of course, on RH-derivative distributions. dspam may install and
configure easier on ubuntu and other Debian derivatives.

On our client mail servers we use Sendmail, MIMEDefang (as a sendmail
milter), SpamAssassin (used by MIMEDefang) and milter-greylist (as a
sendmail milter) and it seems most of the spam and virus-attachment
messages get stopped in their tracks. The greylist seems to be the most
effective solution, but you have to watch it carefully because there are
several broken MTAs that won't attempt to redeliver messages after they've
been greylisted. As a result, legitimate e-mail doesn't get through,
period. The milter-greylist package includes a list of several known broken
MTAs and automatically whitelists them, but you're bound to run into
others and will want to add them to the list of broken MTAs yourself. 

If you use SpamAssassin 3.1.x or newer, make sure you run 'sa-update'
nightly and restart it. This will keep your official SpamAssassin rules

You can use sa-update to use third-party rules and keep them up-to-date as
well. See this article for some good information on that:

One popular third-party ruleset for SpamAssassin is the SpamAssassin Rules
Emporium (SARE). Information about using this with sa-update is available
at <>.


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