Bruce Perens - September 6, 7pm

Steven Alligood steve at
Mon Jul 16 14:53:24 MDT 2007

I am willing to pay a quarter in order to post in the proper location.

As for trimming, habits formed at large companies die hard.


Doran L. Barton wrote:
> Not long ago, Steven Alligood proclaimed...
>> What groups are considered " Open Source special interest" groups, and 
>> who would I talk to in order to get a discount code for the conference?
> That would be PLUG, UVLUG, SLLUG, or BYU's UUG, to name a few.
> But you've got to make a pledge to (a) stop top-posting and (b) trim your
> replies before we'll let you in. Otherwise, I'll be collecting a quarter
> from you at the conference. ;-)

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