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What groups are considered " Open Source special interest" groups, and 
who would I talk to in order to get a discount code for the conference?

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Clint Savage wrote:
> Hi all,
> Its that time of year.  Time for a major figure in Open Source to come to
> visit us.  Time for all of us to gather in a large room and listen to the
> musings of an Uber Geek, a major Open Source advocate and an all-around
> nerdy guy.  This nerdy guy has some strong opinions on Open Source, 
> and its
> sure to be an event.
> Bruce Perens is the author of the Open Source Definition and has been
> speaking out for Open Source since the movement began.  He's an excellent
> speaker, I've heard several of his podcasts and am very much looking 
> forward
> to him coming to Provo to speak to all of us geeks in person.
> Bruce has been on a crusade for Open Source and has started a new site:
>  Along with Bruce addresses the importance of Open
> Source and why he wants it to succeed.  I've spent a good amount of 
> time on
> his sites recently and am very impressed with his thoughts and ideas.  
> Being
> the president of Utah Open Source and desiring to promote Open Source 
> from
> within Utah, I am excited to see a force of good in Bruce.  He's talking
> about how Open Source should be, how it can be used in businesses and 
> homes
> alike and how people can benefit overall from the Open Source movement.
> I am personally so excited to see the growth of Open Source in Utah.  We
> have such a vibrant community here and I think we can be so much more.
> Bruce has the vision to lead a national or international explosion of 
> Open
> Source in Business and Community.  I think we all can benefit from 
> hearing
> what he thinks about Utah and Open Source, about the economic benefits 
> and
> limitations of Open Source in both the business and user group 
> communities.
> And because of this, I think Bruce's presentation is very well timed.
> So I invite you all to come as my guest, free of charge to the Open 
> Source
> Technology Center at Novell on September 6, 2007 at 7pm.  I invite you to
> enjoy a nice dinner, and I invite you to learn more about Open Source and
> its benefits to our community as well as to the world.
> The only requirement for this keynote is that you register, its first 
> come
> first serve and we only have 100 seats to give away.  This is a thank 
> you to
> the community for participating in Open Source this year.  We'll be doing
> this every year as part of the Utah Open Source Conference.
> =============================================================================== 
> How to Register for the Free Keynote
> You can register for just the keynote at the Utah Open Source Conference
> website.
> Choose "The Bruce Perens Keynote (free)" and follow the prompts from 
> there.
> You may also make a tax deductible donation to Utah Open Source when you
> register to help with the costs of putting on such an event.
> Your admission will be confirmed and you'll only need to bring your 
> receipt
> (along with your ID) to the keynote.
> ================================================================================ 
> So I invite you all to attend this *free* keynote which is launching 
> what's
> proving to be the premier Open Source event in Utah, The Utah Open Source
> Conference.  As well as helping you find your seat at the Keynote, 
> we'll be
> there to help you register for the conference.*
> I look forward to meeting with all of you and enjoying a great 
> presentation.
> Cheers,
> Clint Savage
> Founder, Utah Open Source Conference
> * - The full conference will run September 7-8.  Any Open Source special
> interest group member (Open Source user and business groups members, for
> instance) may obtain a discount code from the group leader.  With this
> discount code its only $40 to register in advance, or $55 at the door 
> with
> the same discount code.
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