Bruce Perens - September 6, 7pm

Clint Savage herlo1 at
Mon Jul 16 13:46:08 MDT 2007

Hi all,

Its that time of year.  Time for a major figure in Open Source to come to
visit us.  Time for all of us to gather in a large room and listen to the
musings of an Uber Geek, a major Open Source advocate and an all-around
nerdy guy.  This nerdy guy has some strong opinions on Open Source, and its
sure to be an event.

Bruce Perens is the author of the Open Source Definition and has been
speaking out for Open Source since the movement began.  He's an excellent
speaker, I've heard several of his podcasts and am very much looking forward
to him coming to Provo to speak to all of us geeks in person.

Bruce has been on a crusade for Open Source and has started a new site:  Along with Bruce addresses the importance of Open
Source and why he wants it to succeed.  I've spent a good amount of time on
his sites recently and am very impressed with his thoughts and ideas.  Being
the president of Utah Open Source and desiring to promote Open Source from
within Utah, I am excited to see a force of good in Bruce.  He's talking
about how Open Source should be, how it can be used in businesses and homes
alike and how people can benefit overall from the Open Source movement.

I am personally so excited to see the growth of Open Source in Utah.  We
have such a vibrant community here and I think we can be so much more.
Bruce has the vision to lead a national or international explosion of Open
Source in Business and Community.  I think we all can benefit from hearing
what he thinks about Utah and Open Source, about the economic benefits and
limitations of Open Source in both the business and user group communities.
And because of this, I think Bruce's presentation is very well timed.

So I invite you all to come as my guest, free of charge to the Open Source
Technology Center at Novell on September 6, 2007 at 7pm.  I invite you to
enjoy a nice dinner, and I invite you to learn more about Open Source and
its benefits to our community as well as to the world.

The only requirement for this keynote is that you register, its first come
first serve and we only have 100 seats to give away.  This is a thank you to
the community for participating in Open Source this year.  We'll be doing
this every year as part of the Utah Open Source Conference.

How to Register for the Free Keynote

You can register for just the keynote at the Utah Open Source Conference

Choose "The Bruce Perens Keynote (free)" and follow the prompts from there.
You may also make a tax deductible donation to Utah Open Source when you
register to help with the costs of putting on such an event.

Your admission will be confirmed and you'll only need to bring your receipt
(along with your ID) to the keynote.


So I invite you all to attend this *free* keynote which is launching what's
proving to be the premier Open Source event in Utah, The Utah Open Source
Conference.  As well as helping you find your seat at the Keynote, we'll be
there to help you register for the conference.*

I look forward to meeting with all of you and enjoying a great presentation.


Clint Savage
Founder, Utah Open Source Conference

* - The full conference will run September 7-8.  Any Open Source special
interest group member (Open Source user and business groups members, for
instance) may obtain a discount code from the group leader.  With this
discount code its only $40 to register in advance, or $55 at the door with
the same discount code.

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