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> > How do I, or can I even, keep my email as is, with a different incoming and
> > outgoing port, and forward 25, 110 over to the zimbra installation on david,
> > so that the status quo works, and the zimbra box too? 
> This is remarkably similar to my google apps for domains needs.  If I
> understand your dilemma, you want certain e-mail accounts to be
> delivered to the machine running Zimbra, and certain accounts (of the
> same domain) to be delivered to your exim4 server, correct?

Ah, I have that headache at home too, for google apps. Perhaps I should just
focus on one machine, on Zimbra, get it running and put my sons' email and
wife's email on Zimbra..and then I won't have to bother with google apps
(ga), which seems to be a pain anyway. 

The trouble though is the interim, the time between coughing up the ports
and forwarding them to the Zimbra box, and assuring THAT is working there,
and the email I may miss coming to my exim4 managed box in the mean time. I
have patients who email me and I have to have access to that email in a
timely manner. 
> If so then the only way is to have one smtp server that initially
> receives all the mail and then relays it, based on account name, to the
> appropriate real mail server (which servers won't be actually listening
> on the internet).  This is a bit complicated.  I haven't yet figured out
> the specifics of the smtp server setup required, but this is the general
> idea.  A document that begins to address this for sendmail specifically
> is .  But dealing with
> multiple destinations for the same domain is tricky.

I guess I need to google the net for exim4 proxy setup. 

> Now if you each have a different domain, then it becomes a lot easier to
> route mail based on e-mail domain.  I know that it's trivial to do this
> with sendmail (I'd have to read the docs though).  I'm sure exim4 could
> do it too.

Well, I could easily register a different domain, but can I have two domains
here, currently '' for my exim4 managed box, and then something
else, a new domain for the Zimbra-managed box? Would that work over the same
cable modem connection? 

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