Is there a meeting tonight?

Jason Hall jayce at
Wed Jul 11 10:09:10 MDT 2007

Well, we were goign to do a "pass-the-tux" open discussion meeting, but
you're the first 'other' person to actually express an interest in a meeting
tonight.  If there is sufficient interest, then yes, we'll have it, but too
many regulars are out of town for me to think there will be enough to have
it today.

As for June, we had the BBQ.


On 7/11/07, Zheng-Da Tan <tzdlist at> wrote:
> Last month, 2 other people and I got stood up by the no-show on June
> 13th.  I'd like to know if there will be a meeting tonight so I don't
> have to waste my time going there if there is not going to be a
> meeting.
> Thanks and best regards,
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> tzd.
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