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Mon Jul 9 11:47:26 MDT 2007

> If I could get SUSE around that issue, I would really love SUSE; I'm
> also getting a Raedon9200SE shipped to me--How much of an issue would
> it be to install it in SUSE? Would SUSE have the same video issues with
> the 9200SE?

I don't know about SUSE, but on my Radeon 9600 fc6 included the
open source drivers, and 3D (AIGLX, ET, etc.) and
video (1366x768) worked great with no tweaking or downloading
drivers.  It's an older machine (Athlon XP 1800+) and the
processor couldn't do real-time 1080i/p decoding smoothly, but
720p looked pretty good.

Barry Roberts

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