DHCP and resolv.conf

Charles Curley charlescurley at charlescurley.com
Fri Jul 6 17:18:37 MDT 2007

I have a firewall, on which I just installed a text mode only ubuntu
7.04. I have two problems related to DHCP. Both interfaces use DHCP.

* Each time a lease renews, dhclient sets /etc/resolv.conf to the
  server information in that lease's information. I would like to
  ignore the information for the external interface, and only use that
  from the internal. I think I have a partial workaround with the
  prepend domain-name-servers and supersede domain-name statements,
  but that leaves me either with two entries for each local server, or
  the local servers and the ISP's servers.

* When the firewall boots, dhclient uses both routers to configure the
  routing table. This means I get two default gateways, with the wrong
  route first. How do I tell dhclient to ignore the internal
  interface's gateway (which will be the firewall's internal


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