Postfix relaying question

Von Fugal von at
Thu Jul 5 09:06:28 MDT 2007

* Kirk Cerny [Tue, 26 Jun 2007 at 09:11 -0600]
> Could this be dangerous?
> Does this turn your machine into an open relay?
> Relaying all mail the machine does not know how to deal with sounds
> like an open relay.

What makes it an open relay is if it's open to _receive_ mail from
anyone, not if it relays anything it does receive. If the only mail that
he relays is from his own trusted users, those mails can be to anywhere
and the would be relayed. If any joe spammer could connect to his server
to send mail then the spammer could effectively be spamming from the
trusted gmail domain. A big win for the spammer, bad bad news for the
spammed and esp for the one running that "open relay".

Hope that clarifies.

Von Fugal
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