Easy RPM creation

Dave Smith dave at thesmithfam.org
Mon Jul 2 20:52:53 MDT 2007

Bart Whiteley wrote:
> Bite the bullet and build proper RPMs.  It will require the least 
> effort in
> the long run.

I don't really think that's true in my situation. Bare in mind that I'm 
building from binaries, not source, so I have to write so much bash per 
project to bundle up the tar file in the right place and extract version 
info and such that it's getting to be too much. Also, I don't want the 
people who will be maintaining these RPM's to have to know all the ins 
and outs (and warts) of RPM. Before you respond with, "well your build 
process is broken then," bare in mind that I can do a build for each of 
these projects in one step, but that it takes a lot of ground work to 
prepare all the files for RPM packaging.

So, back to the question: are there any tools out there that aim to ease 
RPM creation? I've taken a look at RPM Workshop, RUST, Autospec, and 
checkinstall, and they are all either very old, unmaintained, or not 
quite what I need (or all of the above). What I want is the ability to  
make a very simple manifest and a tarball with the dist files, and feed 
it to a tool to generate the binary rpm. That'd be super!


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