Digital Currency

Daniel C. dcrookston at
Mon Jul 2 16:39:36 MDT 2007

On 7/2/07, Michael L Torrie <torriem at> wrote:
> Not going to ever happen, in my opinion.  The current system works very
> well (Visa, Bank card networks), and the idea of allowing anonymous
> digital transactions is not something that any country in the world is
> keen to allow these days.

It doesn't work very well at all if your currency exists only in a
game, but is backed up by something (like gold) in the real world.
EverQuest's economy is bigger per capita than the economy of China.
Second Life has a direct in-game to real-life exchange rate, but it's
not backed by anything other than the market for Second Life, which
could potentially evaporate at any time.

Second, political feasibility doesn't seem to be a concern to me
because countries don't have to agree with it or allow it for it to
happen.  Currency can be issued by anyone.  (See Second Life.)  If I
were to print up a bunch of slips of paper that say "Bank of Dan,
Value 10 Pounds Premium Bacon", nobody would actually *use* them
(because who's Dan and how do I know I can trust him?) and because
most people don't really want bacon, except occasionally for

However, if Blizzard were to buy up ten thousand troy ounces of pure
gold, launch a new MMO that was designed to have a stable economy, and
then back up the in-game currency with real-life gold, I'd be willing
to bet that Blizz Bucks could become a world-wide currency overnight,
with exchange rates to other currencies (possibly only exchangeable
through Blizz itself, but whatever) based on the current price of

So that's why I'm thinking about this.


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