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Version : 3.2+

# Keep or remove the query string to the URL in the statistics for individual
# pages. This is primarily used to differentiate between the URLs of dynamic
# pages. If set to 1, mypage.html?id=x and mypage.html?id=y are counted as two
# different pages.
# Warning, when set to 1, memory required to run AWStats is dramatically
# increased if you have a lot of changing URLs (for example URLs with a random
# id inside). Such web sites should not set this option to 1 or use seriously
# the next parameter URLWithQueryWithoutFollowingParameters.
# Possible values:
# 0 - URLs are cleaned from the query string (ie: "/mypage.html")
# 1 - Full URL with query string is used (ie: "/mypage.html?p=x&q=y")
# Default: 0

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On 1/31/07, Daniel <teletautala at> wrote:
> Is there a way in Awstats to list pages with their parameters in the
> list of visited pages?  I want to track not only the scripts that
> people hit, but the parameters that they used to access the scripts.
> The log files have that information, can Awstats present that?
> -Daniel
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