A useful resource: Goodbye, Microsoft(r)

Hill, Greg grhill at corp.untd.com
Tue Jan 30 16:38:56 MST 2007

> #2 Having developers make Linux ports of their games as their being
> developed.  One good way to encourage this,  is to let a developer of
> a game you choose not to buy because it wasn't available for your
> platform, well let them know you didn't buy and instead did #1

>From my understanding of a lot of the bigger game studios, it's the
publisher that prevents things like this in most cases (they hold the
purse strings and aren't willing to invest the money).  Maybe I'm wrong,
but it seems to be the case based on interviews I've read.  The market
share for Linux doesn't adequately compensate for the difficulty of the
port, in most cases, especially since most studios use Direct3d instead
of OpenGL.


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