A useful resource: Goodbye, Microsoft(r)

Bryan Sant bryan.sant at gmail.com
Tue Jan 30 14:50:40 MST 2007

On 1/30/07, Grant Shipley <gshipley at gmail.com> wrote:
> Again, no real numbers here but its hard to argue console gaming is
> not bigger than pc gaming nowadays.  How many ads do you see on tv and
> magazines for pc games versus console games?

Console gaming is Waaaaaaaaaaaay bigger than PC gaming.  I'm a PC only
gamer, and that fact doesn't hurt my feelings.   It is estimated that
of the $29 billion spent on games, only 10-20% of it goes to PC games.

Sorry my link is a PDF -- the blurb about console/PC market share is
on page 3 under the section titled:  Java Isn't Supported on Games


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