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Hill, Greg grhill at corp.untd.com
Tue Jan 30 14:31:02 MST 2007

> >  I also
> > don't see hi-def as a big selling point, since most people don't own
> > hi-def TVs, but maybe some people are trying to be 'future-proof'.
> This made me think...... I don't know anyone who doesn't own a hi-def
> tv except for maybe you :).  Maybe I live in fantasy land.

I don't know a single person who owns one.  You live in fantasy land.

> > People who prefer PCs aren't going to suddenly switch to consoles,
> > vice-versa.  There will be some people who play both, and a few
> > switch, but overall the markets haven't changed a lot in many years
> > there's no sign that they will this time either.
> Again, no real numbers here but its hard to argue console gaming is
> not bigger than pc gaming nowadays.  How many ads do you see on tv and
> magazines for pc games versus console games?

Console gaming has pretty much always been bigger.  My point is the
doomsday prophecies are old and tired, and have yet to be proven true.
Consoles sell more games, for sure, because piracy is more difficult
than on PCs (and there are generally fewer bugs).  However, you should
look at 3d video card sales trends and tell me PC gaming is dead or even

> I don't think console gaming will ever replace RPG or MMORPG games.

The only games that I think are better-suited for consoles are racing
games, sports games, and fighting games.  Strategy games (both real-time
and turn-based) and first person shooters suck on consoles (although for
some reason, people seem to enjoy Halo on Xbox - I personally wanted to
throw the controller at the screen because it was so awkward to
control).  RPGs and adventure games seem to be well-suited to either
type of system.


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