A useful resource: Goodbye, Microsoft(r)

Hill, Greg grhill at corp.untd.com
Tue Jan 30 13:56:07 MST 2007

> I think we will continue to see a decline of people playing games on a
> pc versus the new crop of console systems.  Now that the consoles
> support HD at 1080p I find that most of my friends are opting for a
> 360 or ps3.

This same argument is made every time a new console comes out, yet
there's still a huge PC gaming market (the PS1 was supposed to kill PC
games, the PS2 as well, and the Xbox, and the Wii, and the PS3).  I also
don't see hi-def as a big selling point, since most people don't own
hi-def TVs, but maybe some people are trying to be 'future-proof'.
People who prefer PCs aren't going to suddenly switch to consoles, and
vice-versa.  There will be some people who play both, and a few might
switch, but overall the markets haven't changed a lot in many years and
there's no sign that they will this time either.

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