Volunteer: New Member Coordinator

Jason Hall jayce at lug-nut.com
Tue Jan 30 13:34:12 MST 2007

On Tuesday 30 January 2007 13:28, Ryan Simpkins wrote:
> > Not bad, you're learning, but still not as smooth as Jayce^. He would
> > have just said "I accept your offer, here's your responsiblities". ;-)
> Thanks Stuart, I'm sure the new members will find you most helpful. Tell us
> what you have in store for the new members section of the site. I'm really
> interested in what you are cooking up. Also, we need this done by the end
> of Feburary. Thanks!
> Was that good?

Much more accurate. Publically noting the expected contributions is always a 
classy tool.


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