A useful resource: Goodbye, Microsoft®

Brandon Stout bms at mscis.org
Sun Jan 28 01:56:22 MST 2007

Charles Curley wrote:
> "A resource for those who wish to get Microsoft out of their
> lives... and off their computers."
> http://www.goodbyemicrosoft.net/news.php
> Enjoy.

I'm not actually anti-Microsoft...

/me ducks...

However, I am very pro open source...

/me cautiously looks around for flying debris, and seeing none, proceeds...

As such, I hope to move completely away from Microsoft.  Unfortunately,
I doubt it can ever happen.  No virtual machine can run _all_ retail
games written for Windows.  As long as vendors write games only for
Windows, Microsft will have a permanent hold on the home user market. 
Note: I'm not saying _all_ home users, I'm just saying the market in
general.  One can get open source alternatives to nearly everything
now.  Any willing person can replace MS Office with OpenOffice (or
another Open Source suite) IE with Firefox, Windows with Linux, etc.  In
fact, one can collect many open source games.  However, games are more
unique.  If you want to play Morrowind, Oblivion, or any of the retail
games released only for Windows, your stuck with Windows.

Brandon Stout

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