Using Tomcat with Apache

Bryan Sant bryan.sant at
Thu Jan 25 15:33:28 MST 2007

On 1/25/07, Erik R. Jensen <erikrj at> wrote:
> I highly doubt mod_jk will be deprecated for Apache 2.2. There can be
> many problems using mod_proxy to serve up web applications from Tomcat
> including its inability to load balance. Apache 2.2 did add this feature
> to a new module, mod_proxy_ajp, but the mod_jk module is more efficient
> than mod_proxy and I've always been able to sustain higher loads with it.

Not true.  You can load-balance with mod_proxy_balancer
(, as of
apache 2.2.

I use straight mod_proxy (not mod_proxy_ajp) to balance to my tomcat
servers and it works great.


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