Using Tomcat with Apache

Erik R. Jensen erikrj at
Thu Jan 25 08:44:58 MST 2007

> mod_jk has been deprecated as of Apache 2.2.  With Apache 2.2 you can
> just use mod_proxy.  You can read more about it at
> .

It was mod_jk2 that was deprecated long ago and its deprecation had 
nothing to do with Apache 2.2. It is mod_jk (currently 1.2.20) that is 
actively maintained and as far as I know will continue to be developed 
and supported with Apache 2.2. I can't find any evidence of what you saying.

I highly doubt mod_jk will be deprecated for Apache 2.2. There can be 
many problems using mod_proxy to serve up web applications from Tomcat 
including its inability to load balance. Apache 2.2 did add this feature 
to a new module, mod_proxy_ajp, but the mod_jk module is more efficient 
than mod_proxy and I've always been able to sustain higher loads with it.

> Of course, we
> have little reason to front Tomcat with Apache.  Tomcat runs fine on its
> own.

Not true. In order to get Tomcat to bind to port 80 or 443, you would 
have to run as root. This is the primary reason I use Apache or Pound 
( in front of tomcat. You could also use JSVC 
( to get the desired 
effect or mess with iptables.Either way, it does not run fine on its own 
on these ports unless you like running things as root.

Erik R. Jensen

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