Behind the Curtain

Hill, Greg grhill at
Wed Jan 24 15:45:09 MST 2007

> Thanks for the review link. It looks to me as if, as anywhere, it's
> buyer beware, and be informed.

It's a little more than that with EBC.  They resell broken parts, used
parts, and parts with warranties that do not apply in the US (someone on
that page mentioned a hard drive that had an invalid warranty because it
was meant to be sold in 3rd world markets and I've gotten the same thing
from them in the past).  I have a friend that purchased a CPU with bent
pins from them, meaning that someone had used it and removed it
improperly from their motherboard before returning it (and it was sold
as new).  These aren't isolated incidents, they happen frequently with

> They have treated me respectfully and courteously and all parts and
> systems
> purchased there have worked and performed as advertised.

Well, you've been lucky then.  I hope your streak of luck continues, but
you should really consider buying online.  Is it the annoyance of having
to ship returns that keeps you from it?


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