Going 64 bit

Brandon Stout bms at mscis.org
Wed Jan 24 12:38:35 MST 2007

Hill, Greg wrote:

> And who was the numbnuts that said AMD 64bit or true 64bit?
> Greg

Joshua, the one who said "AMD 64 or true 64?" says this:

> "dataw0lf (Joshua Simpson) proudly takes that position, and you can
> speak with him at your leisure on IRC. However, he was responding on
> the UPHPU post, and since he isn't subscribed to PLUG anymore, he
> declines to respond in detail here. However, he refutes the assertion
> that he is a "numbnuts", in point of fact, his nuts are fairly sensitive."

You can find him on Freenode's #UPHPU, #UTAH, and probably other channels.

Brandon Stout

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