[UPHPU] Going 64 bit

Brandon Stout bms at mscis.org
Wed Jan 24 12:19:43 MST 2007

This didn't make it to the lists. I'll try again, with a little more

Joshua Simpson wrote:
> On 1/23/07, *Brandon Stout* <bms at mscis.org <mailto:bms at mscis.org>> wrote:
>     Forgive the cross-post to UPHPU and PLUG, please.  I'm going 64 bit!
> You're forgiven.
> By 64 bit, do you mean AMD64, or true 64?

Good question Joshua.  I was thinking of going AMD.  I've always gone
AMD, which has been ahead of Intel since the 2 ghz Athlon processors. 
Is it not 64 bit?  What's the difference?  I'll probably want PCIE
support for a later video add-on.  When I buy a processor, I usually
consider the pricing curve this way:

Processor A: $50
Processor B: $60
Processor C: $70
Processor D: $74
Processor E: $77
Processor F: $80
Processor G: $200

In that list I'd probably choose Processor F.  Usually there's a cluster
of closely priced processors then a large jump.  I'll get the fastest
processor before the big jump - which usually means the most speed and
performance for the $1.

Brandon Stout

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