Going 64 bit

Hill, Greg grhill at corp.untd.com
Wed Jan 24 10:28:19 MST 2007

> No, I mean the Core 2 Extreme - it has 4 cores:
> http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16819115011

That is the Core 2 Quadro Extreme (notice the Q in the product number).
Core 2 Duo Extreme has 2 cores.  You put Duo in the original post.  Not
a big deal (I realize I'm splitting hairs), but I thought it might
confuse someone who didn't know that there were 2 different processors
called "Core 2 Extreme", one a Duo and one a Quadro.  "Extreme" just
means above a certain clock speed.

> Having a decent mobo that supports Core 2 duo though ought to support
> it when it goes down in price and more software is available to take
> advantage of the 4 cores.  The Quadro's good, too.

Yeah, most of the Core 2 Duo boards will work with Core 2 Quadro,
extreme or otherwise.


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