Going 64 bit

Hill, Greg grhill at corp.untd.com
Wed Jan 24 09:56:53 MST 2007

> I have had good experience with ECS - they are typically a lower-end,
> cheaper mobo with lots of options included usually.  I personally
> prefer Intel - if you can pay for top of the line processors, the
> Intel Core 2 Duo Extreme is what you want - it actually has 4 cores in
> one.  For budget (somewhat), I own the Intel Core 2 Duo 6600, which I
> hear with a decent overclockable mobo can perform near that of the
> Extreme.  The problem is no one is developing for quad core so you
> won't see any huge benefit to the quad core for at least a little bit.

I think you mean Core 2 Quadro for the 4 core version.  And I don't
think anyone is too keen on spending $1000+ just for the proc.  When
it's affordable, I'm definitely excited to try it out.

> If you want true 64-bit, don't forget dual-channel RAM, SLI with dual
> graphics cards, RAID capabilities, and I'm sure I'm missing a few
> other things you can run 2 pieces of hardware at once on.  I
> personally like Newegg and have had good luck with their prices and
> support.

None of those things have anything to do with 64bit, but they sure would
make a killer system.  I second the nomination for newegg and third the
hatred of EBC.  EBC resells known broken parts, hoping you won't notice.
Do not shop there.

And who was the numbnuts that said AMD 64bit or true 64bit?  AMD is
64bit; the first time in known history that Intel has copied AMD's
instruction set.  I suppose you meant itanium or sparc by 'true' 64bit?
Sure, if you want to derail your performance, go ahead.


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