Red Hat is hiring

Grant Shipley gshipley at
Tue Jan 23 07:46:58 MST 2007


Wanted to pass along that Red Hat has a bunch of Java positions which we
are hiring for. If you only think of Red Hat as a linux company, please
take another look. With our acquisition of JBoss, and a major internal
initiative to enhance our business systems using some of the latest
technologies (GWT, JBoss, Messaging, Web Services, etc) it is a great
place for Java folks to work.

If you are looking for a small company feel, located in Raleigh, with a
great company, good culture, and lots of cool technologies...
click on over to Or.. you can reach out
to me at gshipley at redhat dot com.

Below is a sample job. Please feel free to send any questions my way too.


Sr. Software Engineer
Red Hat

Company: Red Hat
Job Title: Application Software Engineer
Description: Red Hat wants you to join the team that is delivering new
on-line applications for the global Red Hat community. Utilizing
experience with managing and deploying applications and Linux systems
you will help the GIT organization continually deploy and upgrade
application assets for internal and external customers. The ideal
candidate will have experience system administration, software
development and build systems, as well as exposure to multiple scripting

You will be responsible for defining release processes which govern the
entire external and internal application suite. You will work with
development teams and production operations teams to organize, plan, and
execute application deployments to global web sites. You will identify
gaps in existing tooling, and be responsible for filling these gaps with
either custom code or existing open source solutions. You will work with
team members locally and overseas to provide 24x7 coverage for
application support. You will need to juggle priorities across multiple
"most important" projects and bring to bear the good judgment you have
developed during at least 2 years of related experience.

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