dvd archiving on OSX

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As mentioned, MacTheRipper. However it won't get you from dual-layer to
single-layer. You'll have to either buy one of the $30+ programs for
reencoding, rip titles individually and reencode with ffmpeg or mencoder
or something then figure out how to dvdauthor them back to a DVD (a real
pain), or buy a $30 dual-layer capabale burner (probably the best option
unless you're dealing with a laptop).

There's supposedly a free (as in beer) program that does resizing on
Windows, and there's supposedly Free ones on Linux but I haven't got
them to work yet either. I dont often recommend anything that involves
spending money, cheapskate that I am, but I think the dual-layer capable
burner is the way to go. You still need MacTheRipper (or something like
it in linux - I'm sure there's something but I haven't looked into it)
that will remove the encryption for you.

On Sun, 21 Jan 2007 at 10:25 -0700, Christer Edwards wrote:
> can anyone suggest a dvd archiving tool for OSX? I would like to make
> duplicates of some of my DVDs considering my wife's hellion nephews
> very much like to destroy everything they come in contact with anytime
> they visit. I have done this on Ubuntu before but it isn't the easiest
> task. I'm assuming it'll be much more simple on a mac.
> thanks
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