Make WAN address always respond as such (iptables rules?)

Andrew Jorgensen andrew.jorgensen at
Mon Jan 22 15:22:05 MST 2007

To make this just a little more clear:  If my web server is on my
local network at home and my router is forwarding port 80 to it, I
want to be able to go to from home
or from work and get the same thing (without any fun DNS magic).  With
my old netgear router that worked great.  With OpenWRT I get the
router's config page, which I'd still like to be able to get to if I
go to

If that's still not clear just make fun of me :-)

Thanks in advance,
Andrew Jorgensen

On 1/22/07, Andrew Jorgensen <andrew.jorgensen at> wrote:
> Ever since I upgraded to a Linksys router running OpenWRT I've been
> wondering how I can get it to do something I really liked about my old
> Netgear router:  Make the WAN address always respond the same way from
> the inside (LAN) as it does from the outside (Internet).  For
> instance, if i hit port 80 on the router's outside address I want it
> to forward me to the web server behind the router whether I'm away
> from home or not.  As it is now trying to connect to the WAN address
> always gets me the same thing as if I had tried to connect to the
> router's LAN address, even though the IP's are different.
> To put that in terms of firewall rules I want the packets destined for
> the WAN address to be processed by the rules for the WAN interface
> regardless of which interface they came in on... I think.
> If that didn't make sense please ask a clarifying question.  I tried,
> really I did.  Is there some way to make this happen?

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