spam being sent using my domain

Shane Hathaway shane at
Fri Jan 19 10:20:10 MST 2007

Derek Davis wrote:
> I own the domain name  I set up a catch all mx entry, so
> that all email that I don't specifically account for gets forwarded to
> my gmail address.  This way, I can make up email addresses on the
> spot, which I like doing.

Perhaps a better way to do this is to use address extensions.  For
example, if you have 'me at', you can also receive mail as
'me+oldnavy at' and 'me+blog at'.  Postfix supports
this feature but doesn't enable it by default.  It's configured using
'recipient_delimiter' in  You might choose '.' or '-' as the
delimiter so that it isn't obvious to spammers that you're using the


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