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Derek Davis wrote:
> Thanks.  I'd hate for people to think that I've turned into a spammer.

A common tactic for spammers is to send e-mail through an open relay using
the From: address of a completely arbitrary e-mail address like
skjshdf at If and when this e-mail bounces, where does the bounce
notification go? In this case, it goes to you.

What can you do about this? Not much, really.

What can be done about it? Frameworks like Sender-ID and SPF have made some
progress. SMTP servers use these methods to verify a message is coming from a
valid relay for your domain. For example, if e-mail purporting to be from
skjshdf at comes through some address and the SPF
record for says only the IP is a valid relay for
the domain, a SPF-enabled SMTP server will know to reject the message.

Unfortunately, until the whole world standardizes on some kind of relay
validation system there will always be some spam that seeps out disguised as
being from someone at your domain.

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