Looking to hire a PERL guru

Bryan Sant bryan.sant at gmail.com
Thu Jan 18 12:29:10 MST 2007

On 1/17/07, Jesse Stay <jesse at thestays.org> wrote:
> I'll agree to disagree.  Also, if you watch the jobs-perl-discuss list
> on perl.org he and others have spoken out about this in the last year
> or two.  While I agree it's silly to be picky about simple
> capitalization, I still like to warn companies about doing it the
> right way - they will miss out on some good potential candidates by
> not doing so.

Holly crybabies Batman!  I have even less respect for the PERL
community.  What a joke.  I hope that this immature attitude
represents the minority of "professionals" in that camp.  I would
think that spreading the gospel of Perl would be better served by
gentle guidance to persons and potential employers rather than harsh
rejection of those who aren't 1337 haX0rz who know how to spell P3r1

BTW - don't you ever *THINK* about spelling Java as JAVA or I'll have
a conniption fit and hold my breath until I pass out!  Just thinking
about you potentially spelling it that way is making me
hyperventilate!  Waaaaaaaa!!


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